Features Of Ethereum Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain technology is increasingly becoming popular. The number of users trying to use this technology as well as the number of apps created on it are drastically rising. The extra traffic for blockchain is also increasing the transactions and activities on the blockchain network. The main features of blockchain technology are security, anonymity, and traceability. As blockchain is traceable, users can see every transaction on the blockchain.

Ethereum is a popular blockchain network. Several transactions and activities take place in the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, users needed a solution to trace their transactions and other details regarding the blockchain. Thus, Ethereum blockchain explorers were developed. This article will give you a deep insight into Ethereum blockchain explorer.

What Is Ethereum Blockchain Explorer?

Ethereum blockchain explorers are used to help users to find real-time information regarding the transactions, blocks, accounts, and various other types of data associated with the blockchain. The more information you get about the Ethereum blockchain and the data collected by each block, you will become familiar with the blockchain technology with a system that provides complete transparency.

What Is The Need For An Ethereum Blockchain Explorer?

Blockchain explorers rely on the basic principle of DeFi technology and blockchain principles. Blockchain technology upholds the characteristics of traceability and transparency. Therefore, users must get the opportunity to access the data recorded on a blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain explorer is such a tool. It helps to find all the activities on an Ethereum blockchain, including the total value of assets, smallest transactions, etc. Blockchain explorers serve as search engines. Once you get familiar with using it, you can easily find the information you need.

What Are The Functions Of An Ethereum Blockchain?

An Ethereum blockchain offers a lot of extremely impressive functions. Some of the actions it carries out are

  • Review of every transaction detail including hash rate, transaction amount, gas fees, etc.
  • Get details of any wallet address on an Ethereum blockchain.
  • Find the recent largest transaction that happened in the blockchain or a particular wallet address.
  • Find the senders and receivers in a wallet address.
  • Identify the miners behind a crypto block.
  • Get details of the scammed, hacked, or stolen crypto funds.

Which Are The Examples Of Ethereum Blockchain Explorers?

There are many Ethereum blockchain explorers in the blockchain market. Some of them are

  • Etherscan

This is the first Ethereum blockchain explorer and is one of the best in the market. There is a vast comprehensive list of crypto tokens which increases its user base.

  • Ethplorer

Ethplorer is one of the newest blockchain explorers. One of the best features of this blockchain explorer is its cross reference of Ethereum’s value to USD.

  • Ethstats

Ethstats is an emerging Ethereum blockchain explorer that comes with a very exciting and interesting user interface. However, you have to get used to using this explorer. However, the data it provides is in a very innovative and unique way. Thus, you can get more details about the Ethereum blockchain you wish to know.